Kim Rodeffer Funk
Interior Design Specialist
Personal Narrative

Honoring the capabilities and the power of the individual is the strength of human spirit. This is the path Kim has followed on her journey as a design specialist. And it has been in honoring her own individual capabilities that she has learned of the strength of others.

Kim has been involved in the design field for over 20 years. Her varied background is not traditional by any means, but it has brought her to a place rich in experience. Her design project experiences include:

  • Corporate offices
  • Small offices
  • Graphic design
  • Residential spaces
  • Spiritual environments
  • Private spaces

While her path has led her in many directions, an interest in the relationship between individuals and their environments has always been important. This coupled with personal experiences with her son and daughter has led her to focus professional attention on children. When the time came to send her children to school, Kim was concerned with the space in which they were confined. After experiencing these effects first hand, she chose to remove the children from the traditional school and create a more conducive learning environment at home. The experience of homeschooling has had a profound effect on how she sees institutional design. In honoring her children's individuality, she has learned how capable people are at any age if they are given the opportunity. The commitment to the individualization of space has grown from her experience with her own family.

Kim studied interior design during her university experience, providing her with a sound basis upon which to build her individual approach. By sharing her knowledge and experience, she empowers others to create unique, workable environments. Over the years, she has taught many community education workshops, given talks to parents groups and professionals, held round table discussions on the effects of space on the individual and worked with low income families to create appropriate spaces for their individual needs. In addition she has mentored and taught interior design students. Whether it has been in corporate or residential settings, with adults or children, the individualization of space has been a large focus of her work.

In addition to implementing designs and sharing her knowledge with others, Kim is committed to the holistic design process to create settings that support every aspect of the human experience. When we meet the needs of individuals, and provide people with the knowledge to help themselves create active, fluid spaces, we are creating environments that are dynamic, individualized places to work, play and live.

Kim can be reached via email at

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